A script for the sitcom ‘Friends’, which was loved by viewers around the world, was discovered just before it was discarded and sold at an auction for 22,000 pounds (about 37 million won).

According to a BBC report on the 12th (local time), British auctioneer Hanson Ross announced that a ‘Friends’ script found in a trash can 26 years ago was recently sold for 22,000 pounds at auction. This amount significantly exceeds the expected price of 600 to 800 pounds (about 1 million to 1.34 million won).

It was not disclosed who the winning bidder was.

The script in question is the script for ‘Ross’s Wedding’, a two-part episode of ‘Friends’ Season 4.

It is said that after filming of the episode ended in 1998, an employee in charge of administrative support on site at the time retrieved the script that had been thrown in the trash to prevent the ending of the episode from being leaked. This employee said, “I found it (the script) in the trash a few weeks after filming ended,” and “I didn’t know what to do with it, so I kept it in my office.”

When he left the company a year later in 1999, he took this script home. Twenty years later, while cleaning after moving, I found a forgotten script and put it up for auction.

The auction house said, “People were enthusiastic about this script,” and “worldwide interest was phenomenal.”

Shin Min-kyung, Hankyung.com reporter [email protected]